‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ by Leigh Hodgkinson

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin……


Picture your perfect spot to read.

Does it look like this…

or this…

or maybe this…?


Unfortunately for the little chap in Leigh Hodgkinson’s latest beautiful picture book, he just can’t find a comfortable place to settle down with his book and growing collection of friends.

A variety of different places are explored but there are echoes of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ as each is declared too hot, too cold or too stinky.  The repetitive use of language makes it easy for young readers to join in and leads easily into a discussion about their own favourite reading places.

As more and more chairs are tried, the would-be readers become more and more disheartened until, suddenly, the realisation dawns that it doesn’t actually matter where you pick to read a book.  Anywhere is a good place so long as you have someone to share it with!

This is a heart-warming tale about the simple joy of sharing a book with friends, is bought to life by Leigh Hodgkinson’s trademark illustrative style and a collection of cuddly critters.  Sure to make you want to grab another book and snuggle up in your favourite spot to while away the time.

***WIN this beauty by commenting below with your own favourite reading spot.  The lucky winner will be selected in a week’s time. (UK only)***


11 thoughts on “‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ by Leigh Hodgkinson

  1. Sophie Williams says:

    My favoutite place to read is sitting inside an unused bandstand in a beautiful Park I visited many times as a child and have fond memorirs of feeding ducks, sunshine and family time!! Today, Park Howard in Llanelli still takes my breath away. Curled up on a log bench, especially when it is raining allows me to emerse myself in mh chosen books.

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  2. Jess says:

    I love early morning snuggles in my bed with a huge pile of books to share with my two beautiful daughters. Perfect start to the day.


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