‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts

“Everybody has a taste for Stanley, as he is chewed on, swallowed and spat back out by a lot of different ‘somebodies.’ But it won’t be long until they realise: Stanley is no ordinary creature…”

This lovely picture book is a cautionary tale with a strong environmental message and is endorsed by the Marine Conservation Society.  It has been written by Sarah Roberts who is an animal behaviourist, initially specialising in shark behaviour, and who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of environmental issues with children.

In it, we follow Stanley, a mysterious and often misidentified character who’s true identity is revealed through a series of clues.  I really liked the questioning, riddle-like quality to some of the text and think it will excite and engage children, along with the use of rhyme.

Stanley encounters a variety of sea creatures as he makes his voyage across the ocean, causing problems for all of them until he is finally rescued by a friendly surfer and given a new lease of life.

This story’s a great way to introduce to young children in a lively and age-appropriate way, the serious environmental issues of littering and marine pollution, and the importance of recycling.

Library Girl.

Thank you to Sarah and Creature Books for sending me this copy to review.



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