‘Self-destructing Science – Space’ by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Nikalas Catlon

My Super Sidekick was very excited when we received a copy of this fantastic interactive book to review from Bloomsbury.  Thank you!


‘Self-destructing Science – Space’ allows budding astronauts to explore wormholes and the big bang theory through a series of amazing interactive challenges and games.  Cutting, scribbling, folding and experimenting – it cleverly combines scientific facts with hands-on tasks so is the perfect way to keep young minds occupied.

We immediately set about making a paper banger in tribute to the Big Bang.

My Super Sidekick loved the noise it made and I liked the fact that the book encouraged you to think scientifically and experiment with other materials to see which would produce the best results.

This book contains loads of bite-sized chunks of information which are easy for readers to digest without even realising it.  The eye-catching layout and illustrations add to the appeal, with the brilliant hands-on tasks keeping body and brain busy.

Highly recommended!

Library Girl and her Super Sidekick!



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