‘Harper and the Night Forest,’ by Cerrie Burnell, illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.

I am very excited to have been invited to be part of the blog tour for this enchanting book. ‘Harper and the Night Forest’ is the fourth book in the Harper series (which includes a World Book Day title.) Many thanks to Faye Rogers and Scholastic for inviting me to participate.


This latest instalment finds Harper and her friends being whisked off to the City of Singing Clocks and the Night Forest on a quest to help The Wild Conductor win back his place in the Circus of Dreams.  He hopes the children will help him find the fabled Ice Raven to join his orchestra and entrance the fearful ringmaster, Othello Grande.

The Night Forest is a magical place, full of ebony trees with swishing black leaves with stories engraved upon them and singing clocks stopped at them time when different fairy tales began.  It was like stepping into the pages of a book.

When, Liesel, one of the children accidentally falls down the chimney of a gingerbread cottage, things take a surprising twist as the fairy-tale keepers reveal the true story and identity of the Ice Raven, and the terrible implications of its removal from the forest. Can the children help both the Ice Raven and the Wild Conductor, or will they be too late?

This wonderful story is twinkling with magic right from the very beginning. Whilst reading, I was transported to a world where you can soar through the clouds in an umbrella and visit a land where fairytales are real.

I loved the individual characters of the children – the fearless Liesel, who couldn’t wait to meet a wicked witch, the pensive and poetic Ferdie with a knack for reading trees and, of course, the plucky and resourceful Harper with her musical gifts.

I was also lucky enough to be sent the first two books in the main series:

Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella

Mystery is afoot in the City of Clouds where Harper and her friends live in the Tall Apartment Block.  One day, when Harper’s beloved cat Midnight fails to return home, her musical gift unleashes the magic in her scarlet umbrella.

She soon discovers that all the other cats in her building have gone missing too.  With her friends by her side, Harper sets off on a daring rescue mission.  But they’re up against the Wild Conductor..do they have what it takes to bring their missing moggies back home again?

Harper and the Circus of Dreams


“The first time you see magic, you will feel it in your heart and know it in your toes.  The air around you will thicken and the world will seem to glitter.”

A chance encounter with a tightrope walker balancing on silvery ropes in the sky, leaves Harper and her friends wishing they could visit the dazzling Circus of Dreams.

When they get there, Harper starts to remember things from her mysterious past and learn things about her absent parents who sent her down to Aunt Sassy’s house during The Fearsome Storm.

The edition has the added bonus of also containing the story, ‘Harper and the Sea of Secrets,’ which was commissioned for World Book Day.

A wonderful, glittering, magical series of book which are guaranteed to whisk you away to a world where fairy-tales are real, umbrellas can fly and musical instruments seem to have magical powers.

Library Girl.

For further reviews, interviews and give-aways, visit some of the other stops on the Harper blog tour.


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