‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Winner alert!!!

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*NEWSFLASH! – Huge congratulations to Kiran Millwood Hargrave on being awarded the prize of overall winner of the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize 2017 last night.*

Isabella is a mapmaker’s daughter – ink flows through her veins.  But she’s forbidden to leave her village on the coast of Joya to explore the uncharted areas of the island.  But then a young girl is attacked in the orchard and Isabella’s best friend (and the cruel Governor’s daughter) goes missing.

Feeling responsible for her friend’s disappearance, Isabella is determined to lead the search party.  She’s also determined to explore the Forbidden Territories and map the areas her father wasn’t able to.  She soon discovers a secret hidden within her mother’s precious map which will guide her as she’s forced to navigate the deadly labyrinth hidden deep below the island where the mythical fire demon, Yote, is said to live.  The map, along with her knowledge of the stars…

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