‘Sea,’ by Sarah Driver, cover by Joe McLaren.

My next Easter read was recommended to me by several people and has been compared to the excellent ‘Northern Lights’ trilogy by Philip Pullman.  Well that was recommendation enough for me as I loved that series – I decided that ‘Sea’ was worth spending one of my birthday book tokens on.


‘Sea’ follows the fortunes of Mouse, a teenage girl who was prophesied to become captain of the mighty ship (and her home), ‘The Huntress’ shortly after birth by Captain Wren (her grandmother.)

Life is tough aboard the ship, with constant threat looming in the form of the monstrous terrodyls who flock overhead looking for their next meal, and from the other tribes who would gladly board The Huntress and take her for their own.  Since the death of Ma, Mouse has also had to look after her little brother, Sparrow, who sometimes has strange fits and can sing to the whales.

The unexpected return of a menacing Tribesperson, Stag, signals another twist of fate for Mouse, as he delivers the news that her beloved Da is dead.  Refusing to believe this, and suspicious of their new navigator, Mouse takes her destiny in her own hands and sets off on a quest to find her missing father and a set of long-lost legendary treasures which could be the only way to secure life, and the world, as she currently knows it.

I have to confess to have read most of the book in one day, being seemingly unable to put it down!  I was completely sucked into the dirty, grimy, visceral world of Mouse and found myself both marvelling at Mouse’s fierce love for her family and her enormous courage, whilst at the same time being very glad that I wasn’t actually there alongside her!

An absolutely enormous, rip-roaring, heart-pounding adventure!  I’m not sure how I’m going to manage to wait until September for the next instalment, ‘Sky.’

Library Girl.

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