Introducing the Laugh Out Loud 2017 Book Awards Nominees…

Today’s the day! Today, we finally get to find out which books were selected as some of the funniest recent publications by the Lollies judging panel!

Despite my best efforts on short-listing day, I was unable to spot which pile of books were the chosen few; there were so many fantastic titles about the offices. I’ve been desperate to discover the short-list which readers will be voting on. Well now I know…. and so do you…

Best Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Nominees



The rule is that dogs sit on frogs, but frog is more than prepared to challenge that rule.  He’s never been one to toad the line.  Hilarious rhyming fun and silliness ensues!




If you think having to eat vegetables is bad, take pity on poor Monty the Monster! A hugely funny story about fussing eaters and monstrous meals.


It was Prince Pip’s birthday and he can’t decide which pair of pants to wear.  But where have all his pants gone?  Perhaps there is a very special pants-tastic plan in place at the palace?




On a family normal family trip to the seaside, Danny decides that he’s going to drink the sea.  Egged on by his sister, Frannie, Danny does just that.  But things take a turn for the worse when the sea is followed by trees, mountains, the book’s author, even America!


Best Laugh Out Loud Book for 6-8 Year Olds



When Jamie’s neighbours turn up on the doorstep to his bungalow with a monkey masquerading as a hamster for his family to look after, things take a turn for the surreal.  Full of jokes and snappy one-liners, this book’s sure to delight.





This story begins with Eddy finding a pirate in his gran’s bathtub, with whom he embarks on a treasure hunt aboard The Codcake, all the time being pursued by the wicked Barracuda Bill.  A pirate-fantasy-comedy-adventure!





This is the second in the Hamish series, and the Neverpeople he and his friends are about to face are way more scary than the monsters they beat before.  Hamish gets transported to a weird world where everything is reversed.  Original, quirky and fast-paced.





Colin Lampost has been turned into Future Ratboy after being struck by lightning and now has to try and save Shnozvillen from little insects who are turning everyone into zombies.  Will the defeat evil Mr X and will they ever find their way back home?



Best Laugh Out Loud Books for 9-13 Year Olds



The debut collection of poetry from Joshua Seigal, full of fried chicken and the power of books.  There’s something for everyone in here and is sure to tempt even the most reluctant of poetry readers.





Aliens have landed on Earth and are intent on forcing all its inhabitants to watch reality TV for the rest of time.  Unfortunately, Luke is still a little resentful of his brother Zack’s new superpowers and has revealed that sulky teen Cara is his kryptonite, something the aliens intend to use to their advantage.  Full of clever in-jokes and €comic book references.




Philip is twelve and life is good: he gets on with is parents and school is fine.  That all changes when his mum is diagnosed with breast cancer.  He can’t help but wish she’d got a less embarrassing kind – toe cancer for example.  In an attempt to cope, he writes letters to his hero, Harry Hill, asking for advice.  A touching and hilarious take on the very unfunny subject of cancer.




The author of this title, David Baddiel, actually won this category last year with ‘The Parent Agency.’  In his newest book we have Malcolm, Malcolm has never been an animal-lover.  That’s until a chance encounter with a mystic goat on a school trip sees Malcolm being transformed into a series of different animals – but will it help change his mind?  Bonkers and sharply observed.


So there you have them – your nominees.  Remember, this year’s winners will be chosen by your votes.  Make sure you visit Scholastic HERE to cast your vote for the winner.

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Happy lolling!

Library Girl.


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