‘Papasaurus,’ by Stephan Lomp.

This hide-and-seek dinosaur story would make a perfect Father’s Day gift for all the Papasauruses out there.


Babysaurus loves playing hide-and-seek with Papasaurus but one day he hides a little too well and Babysaursus can’t find him, no matter how hard he tries.

Starting to get a bit worried, Babysaurus asks his prehistoric friends for help. Despite giving some quite clear clues to his pals, none of them seem able to help him. Babysaurus searches high and low until realises that Dadsysaurus has been right there all along.

This story reminded me a little of ‘Monkey Puzzle,’ by Julia Donaldson, with Babysaurus’ friends being unable to help him and leading him on a wild goose chase. The close bond between parent and young is also obvious.

The black backgrounds make the bold illustrations pop off the pages and grab your attention, making the dinos even easier for you to spot.

A real treat for young Dino-fans.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Chronicle Books for sending me this copy to review*



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