Two Children’s Classics!

Some stories truly do stand the test of time, delighting and inspiring generation after generation of young readers. So I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to two reillustrated classics packed full of bonus features from Alma Classics.


‘Five Children and It,’ by E. Nesbit, illustrated by Ella Okstad.

I have fond memories of this story following the watching of a now rather ancient tv adaptation. The tale of the grumpy, hairy Psammead (sand fairy) with the ability to grant wishes, being found in a gravel pit by five curious children really captured my imagination. I, like the five children, longed to have all my wishes fulfilled, but (like them) I never gave much thought to the consequences of having everything I desired…..

‘The Wind in the Willows,’ by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Tor Freeman. 

This classic follows the adventure of Rat, Mole, Badger and the rather pretentious Toad of Toad Hall. Whether they’re racing through the countryside in Toad’s beloved sports car or meandering down the river in their little rowing boat, the friends always seem to get themselves into scrapes. Particularly when they come up against  Chief Weasel and his wicked minions!

Both these editions contain exclusive extra material to enjoy after (or before!) you’ve read the stories.  In the end pages, you will find author profiles, clever quizzes, character lists and extra information about the books. Lovely additions to any household’s bookshelves.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Alma Books for sending me these titles to review*


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