‘The Legend of Podkin One-Ear,’ by Kieran Larwood, cover by Fernando Juarez, illustrations by David Wyatt.

I first came across this book when it was nominated for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2017. When I read the opening, I knew that it was going to be an absolutely fantastic story.  It seems that the Blue Peter judges agreed, as Podkin duly won its category.


An epic adventure in a land where rabbits no longer run scared from humans and skulk in their burrows, rather, they stand tall and proud, making their way in the world. Entire villages and cities are built out of sight under the earth.

The hero of this thrilling tale is Podkin, the laid-back eldest son of Lopkin, chieftain of the Munbury warren.  He’d do anything to avoid boring geography lessons and sword-craft sessions; he had absolutely no intention of training to be a chieftain and was possibly the laziest and most spoilt rabbit in the whole of the Five Realms.

That is, until his fairly idyllic existence is threatened when terrifying iron-clad warrior rabbits (the Gorm) attack his burrow and lay siege.  Podkin finds himself fleeing to safety with his siblings and a magical weapon which he must keep from the Gorm at all costs. With the blood-thirsty beasts right behind him, Podkin has to learn how to defend himself and quickly.  The survival of all rabbit-kind depends upon it!

This is a book of magic and mystery, adventure and excitement, snow-covered landscapes and monstrous enemies.  It is also a tale of heart, of love and of discovering the hidden strength within you.

I was lucky/ unlucky enough to begin this book when I had a rather long wait in front of me.  Larwood’s story-telling wove its magic around me, transporting me out of the poky, hot waiting room into the midst of a fight for survival in a wooded, frosty world shrouded in mystery.

A mixture of ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Watership Down,’ which I am sure other readers will find equally unputdownable.  Please let me know what you think.

Library Girl.

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