‘Secrets of Our Earth: a Shine-a-Light Book,’ by Carron Brown and Wesley Robins.

Children’s non-fiction books have become so much more interactive and engaging recently. This title from Ivy Kids Shine-a-Light series is no exception.


As children are reading, they can explore the secrets of our world using a torch to reveal hidden images within the illustrations. They’ll be able to see beneath the floor of a sandy desert, watch lava bubble up inside and volcano and spot creatures living deep in the ocean.

We had great fun playing with this brilliant book. To get the clearest images, hold a torch behind the coloured illustrations to illuminate the secret details of the black and white pages.

Scientific facts and ideas are explained in a simple sentence or two using appropriate vocabulary, with clever questions to prompt the reader to think about the concepts being introduced.

A simple but really clever concept. Great fun for children to explore. I shall watch out for the other titles in the series.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Ivy Kids for sending me this title to review*

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