‘One Button Benny,’ by Alan Windram, illustrated by Chloe Holwill-Hunter.

One Button Benny isn’t like all the other robots. He only has one button. Which must ONLY be pressed in an emergency.


Benny gets teased so much by the other robots that he longs for an emergency to happen so he can find out what (if anything!) his button actually does.

He waits….and he waits….until one morning he wakes up and something just doesn’t feel right. The hairy, scary Collectors have invaded overnight and taken over the planet! Finally, Benny gets to use his button and discover what he can really do.

A robot book which definitely has heart. One Button Benny learns his true worth and proves the bullies wrong – he IS special after all. The beautiful illustrations really add depth and feeling to the telling of the story.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Little Door Books for sending me this copy to review*

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