The Moon and the Sun…

I am spoiling you with two gorgeous picture books by illustrative powerhouses: Britta Teckentrup and Sam Usher.


‘Moon: Night-time Around the World,’ illustrated by Britta Teckentrup, written by Patricia Hegarty (Little Tiger Group)

Teckentrup has established herself as one of the great illustrators of our time. In this book, she brings the nocturnal world alive in a glorious celebration of the cycle of the moon.

As you turn through the foiled, peep-through pages, the lunar cycle unfolds illuminating the world below where turtles use the moon as a guide to lay their eggs and migrating birds use its position to navigate their way.

Mesmerising, luminous and enchanting, this book is sure to capture the imaginations of children across the country. Non-fiction at its very best!


‘Sun,’ by Sam Usher (Templar Publishing)

‘Sun,’ is the third title in Usher’s acclaimed series which also includes ‘Rain’ and ‘Snow.’ In this latest title, his beautiful use of watercolour really encapsulates the searing heat and dreamy quality of the the story.

‘Sun’ finds a boy and his Grandad heading off on an adventure on a day which is “hotter than broccoli soup.” Provisions have been packed, maps consulted and off the intrepid adventurers go. As their imaginations whirr into gear, their quest to find the perfect picnic spot leads them to cross deserts and discover a secret pirate cave.

I loved this story and the clever way the illustrations showed the story moving from reality and into the scorching desert of the boy’s imagination. It also reminded me a lot of going out for walks with my own two boys: the endless provisions; suddenly trekking over  lunar landscapes; danger lurking around every corner.

For me, Usher has managed to capture the essence of being a small child, itching for adventure on a scorching hot day.


Library Girl.

*Thank you to Little Tiger Group and Templar Publishing for sending me these copies to review*

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