Weird Science

I have two super science books for you today:

‘Al’s Awesome Science,’ and ‘Cool Physics.’


‘Al’s Awesome Science: Egg-speriments,’ by Jane Clarke, illustrated by James Brown (Five Quills)

This is the first book in a series about science-loving twins, Al and Lottie. Full of energy and never far from trouble, the twins love investigating the world around them.  This time, Al is intent on building a time machine but needs to find the strongest shape. After using all Mum’s eggs in experiments about force, Al finds himself in an egg-tremely sticky situation.

This book is a clever mix of funny story and real science facts. The addition of pages from Al’s notebook are a fantastic way to introduce children to language and processes of scientific investigation and to start conversations about new concepts.


I am looking forward to seeing what ideas are introduce in the subsequent books.

Great for readers aged 6+

‘Cool Physics,’ by Sarah Hutton (Pavilion Books)

This pocket-sized treat would be perfect for budding scientists aged nine and up.  It aims to explain some of the deepest darkest mysteries of the universe in fun-filled way.

Each page explains a different scientific concept or theory in simple terms with diagrams and cartoons to help. There are also fantastic experiment pages where children can test out the ideas introduced.


The handy glossary at the back defines key terms from ‘atom’ to ‘wave-particle duality’ so there’s no need to get your brain cells in a scramble!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Five Quills and Pavilion Books for sending me these copies to review*

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