‘Dreamweaver,’ by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Carrie May.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a magical new bedtime story – Dreamweaver.


The dreamweaver glides through the jungle sprinkling dream-dust over all the sleepy (or not so sleepy) baby jungle animals.  Collecting flowers from magical mountain-tops and glittering comet trails from high in the heavens, she crafts the perfect dream for each little creature.

Written in lyrical lilting language, Dreamweaver is a real departure from the bestselling Aliens Love Underpants series Claire Freedman is best known for – calming and soothing, for a good night’s sleep.

The beautiful illustrations from Carrie May add to the dreamlike quality of the text using a combination of soft tones and pops of colour.


This would be the perfect book for anyone looking for a new bedtime story for their little one.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Templar Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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