‘Hopeless Heroes: Here Comes Hercules! (Book1) & Hera’s Terrible Trap (Book 2),’ by Stella Tarakson, illustrated by Nick Roberts.

Is ancient mythology all Greek to you? If so, this brilliant new fun-filled series will help bring you up to speed.


Written by Tarakson as a result of a childhood steeped in tales from Greek mythology, the ten book strong ‘Hopeless Heroes’ series introduces its readers to some of the mightiest Gods and Goddesses around.  From Arachne to ……?

Here Comes Hercules!

When Tim breaks his mum’s Greek case after a freak dusting accident, the last thing he expects is for the muscle-clad bull wrestler depicted upon it to come to life. No, actually, the last thing he expects is for super-strong demigod, Hercules to appear and embark on a series of hapless attempts to help Tim tidy-up before mum gets home.

But Hercules wants to go home too. The only problem is that to do so, he has to solve an ancient riddle, and Hercules is not good at solving riddles. Can Tim help Hercules get Home, help mum get a book published and scare off the school bully? Sometimes all you need is a hero.

Hera’s Terrible Trap!

It’s book two and Hera is not happy that Tim helped solve the riddle which set Hercules free from her cursed vase. She has Hermes on the case, determined to return the vase to Ancient Greece and this time Tim’s going along for the ride.

Hera is furious to see him and demands he helps her trick Hercules back into captivity. Predictably, Tim refuses and runs for his life, bumping into Hercules and going to his house. There, he meets Zoe (Hercules’ daughter) and the two of them team up to put an end to Hera’s tricks.

Both these books were massive hits with my eight-year-old son who’s a bit obsessed with Ancient Greeks gods. He thought they were really funny and easy to read. I loved the clever mix of comedy and history within the stories and also the strong sense of family values which ran throughout. I also enjoyed the combination of Classical Greek style illustrations with more modern characters – perfect!

Great for readers aged 7+ Out in February 2018.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing for sending me these copies to review*



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