‘Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures,’ by Matt Sewell.

Dinosaurs never go out of fashion so I am delighted to introduce you to the new children’s book from best-selling author and artist, Matt Sewell.


This absolutely brilliant book features a whole host of fabulous prehistoric creatures from the Ceratosaurus to the Spinosaurus.  Sewell’s glorious watercolour illustrations draw on the fact that palaeontologists now think that dinosaurs may have been brightly coloured and even have had feathers, rather than muddy-browns and greens.  The amazing illustrations really are the stars of the show, deservedly taking a whole double-page spread each.

There’s very useful introductory section explaining key vocabulary and dinosaur time periods. Then, for each species featured, there is a brief summary of key statistics at the start of its section.  This is then followed up by a witty and informative discussion of the key physical features of the creature, how it fought, hunted, and survived.  Sewell has used the most up-to-date information in his writing, outlining where there is still debate between experts and asking questions about what we already think we know.

Did you know there is a species of dinosaur believed to have a trumpet on its head?  Or that the Argentinosaurus was about 35 metres long and as heavy as a whole herd of elephants?!

This is a truly beautiful book and a must-have for any budding palaeontologists out there – young or old.  Far too special for pre-schoolers to chew!   Add it to your Christmas shopping lists.

Library Girl (Bookasaurus Rex)

*Many thanks to Pavilion Books for sending me this title to review*

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