‘The Huntress: Sky,’ by Sarah Driver, cover by Joe McLaren.

Many thanks to Egmont for sending me the second instalment in the absolutely gripping ‘The Huntress’ trilogy.  The first, ‘Sea,’ was one of my favourite début novels of the year (click HERE for my review) so I was thrilled have the next one to read as I was desperate to find out what was next for Mouse and Sparrow.


We left Mouse, her brother Sparrow and friend Crow fleeing the evil Mystiks on the back of a terrodyl on the trail of the elusive Storm-Opals in the hope of re-uniting them and preventing the destruction of the world as she knows it.

Mouse is destined to become the captain of her ship but has many obstacles to overcome before she will be able to, not least of which solving her Da’s riddle and locating the Opals before Stag (the man posing as captain of The Huntress) manages to – with possibly disastrous consequences.

This book was absolutely as gripping as the first. The frozen landscape of the icebergs was glitteringly realised with just a hint of icy malice lurking beneath the surface. I marvelled at the Skybrary hidden within its depths in the middle of the Wildersea and longed to curl up in a hammock alongside the Skybrarian.

A fantastic follow-up to Sea, I can’t wait for the third instalment to see how the journey ends.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont for sending me this title to review*



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