‘My Colourful Chameleon,’ by Leonie Roberts, illustrated by Mike Byrne.

I was honoured to be asked to be on the blog tour for Leonie Roberts’ debut picture book, My Colourful Chameleon.


Having a pet chameleon isn’t always as fun as it seems – Mum is getting fed up of never being able to spot where she is.  In the garden, on the stairs, on Mum’s chair – the crafty little chameleon is hiding everywhere.  Getting lost at school is the final straw.  It’s time to go to the vet and find out precisely what is wrong…

I love books which get young readers involved and this one was perfect for sharing with my four-year-old.  We had great fun trying to find just where the clever chameleon was hiding and enjoyed discussing all the colours she had turned.  Pets are a source of constant fascination for small children so it was fantastic to find a book about a slightly more exotic one. A point proved by my son when he informed me that chameleons turn black when they’re angry! Who knew?!

Mike Byrne’s bold illustrations perfectly capture the girl’s frustration at the adults around her – full of clever eye-rolls, angry glares and sideways glances. He’s also very cleverly managed to portray the chameleon’s cheeky personality.

There’s a handy ‘Next Steps’ section at the very hand which provides some discussion questions, rhyming games and craft activities. Excellent for those curious children who want to know more.

A really quirky, colourful and engaging tale with two main characters you’ll love.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Leonie Roberts and QED Publishing for inviting me to be part of this blog tour*


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