‘I Love You (Nearly Alway),’ by Anna Llenas.

If you’re looking for an original Valentine’s Day gift, or just a way to let someone know you care, you won’t go far wrong with this amazing pop-up book by Anna Llenas. It’s sure to delight readers young and old.


Roly is a woodlouse and Rita is a firefly – they both think very differently but that is why they like each other. But one day, Rita gets frustrated when Roly he’s quiet and hides away, and Roly thinks that Rita is too noisy and too fast.  They realise just how different they are and this makes them sad.  Will the two friends be able to compromise for the sake of their friendship..?

This cleverly-engineered book features truly stupendous pop-ups crammed full of colour and detail. With surprises on every page, it teaches readers that it’s okay to be different from other people – those differences could be the very things which make you friends in the first place.

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Gorgeous and reassuring. Perfect for helping children resolve friendship dilemmas.

Library Girl.

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