‘A Witch Alone,’ by James Nicol, illustration by Daniela Terrazzini.

It seems like I’ve been waiting for a lifetime for the second instalment in James Nicol’s ‘The Apprentice Witch’ series. But now it’s here and I’ve read it!


Well safe to say, I wasn’t disappointed!

In this second book, things have taken a darker turn in the village of Lull with a host of supernatural creatures being driven out of the Great Wood by a plague of Hex. The High Elder has also set Arianwyn a top-secret and extremely dangerous mission which she can tell no one about. Unsure who she can trust and starting to feel out of her depth, Arianwyn’s apprenticeship is definitely over!

I loved the dark turn of events and watching some of my favourite characters from ‘The Apprentice Witch’ return to help Arianwyn as she battled some truly nasty creatures.

My favourite place in the story has to be the Spellorium. Whenever I read about it, it conjures up feelings of warmth, safety and nostalgia. I can imagine myself sitting down for a cup of tea after a busy day of making charms and casting glyphs. Absolute heaven!

The only problem now is having to wait to read the next one.  If only there was a glyph to speed up the passing of time…

Library Girl.

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