‘The Pirates of Scurvy Sands,’ by Jonny Duddle.

We absolutely love the Jolley-Rogers series so we’re very excited to have received this absolute gem of a book – there’s gold on them thar pages!


This book revisits one of our favourite landlubbers, Matilda, and her band of pirate friends as they head off to the holiday resort de rigeur for any discerning swashbuckler – the beautiful island of Scurvy Sands.

The other holiday-makers on the island, who are enjoying such delights as the pedalos and the Cruncher Club, are less than impressed when a suspiciously fresh-smelling, clean-toothed landlubber turns up.  Will Matilda be able to prove herself and will anyone be able to solve the mystery of Mad Jack McMuddle’s missing gold?

As with all of Jonny Duddle’s books, the gorgeous illustrations zing off the page, but it’s the hidden details (and Mama Jolley-Rogers’ killer style) that I love the most. They perfectly capture the other pirates’ dismay at the landlubber interloper and the slight air of danger surrounding the pirate hot-spot.

The story romps along with rollicking rhyming text, raucous pirate-talk and more than a sprinkle of humour. A true treasure of a book.  Can’t wait for another!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Templar Publishing for sending me this brilliant title to review*


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