‘The Adventures Of Eric the Spider,’ by Elaine Madle, illustrated by Shaun Madle.

Welcome to my leg of the Eric the Spider book tour, where I’m celebrating all things eight-legged!


Created by the team of Elaine and Shaun Madle, you77E9A729-E0EB-4511-B7F8-594BF05D4D03 get three stories for the price of one in this great book.

The first is: The Adventures Of Eric.

One day, Eric the Spider makes a dash from behind the curtains and makes off on a stolen bicycle wearing four pairs of stolen socks.  When he’s finally apprehended by the long arm of the law, he enlists three other arachnid friends to create a diversion so he can scarper.

Eric Goes Camping sees Eric enjoying a camping holiday in Kent when rain threatens to ruin everything. Luckily he and his friend find refuge in a snug farmhouse. The next day, the weather’s improved and seaside fun is in order.

Eric Has a Birthday Hooray! It’s Eric’s birthday and he’s having a party – and boy to spiders know how to party! Singing, laughing, dancing and cakes are the order of the day until Dave the bat makes an appearance…

Three charming stories written in bouncy rhyme, sure to be enjoyed by little ones across the land. Eric is a loveable bundle of mischief – just as you’d expect from an adventurous little spider.

Library Girl.

Thank you to Faye Rogers for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour. Make sure you take a look at some of the other stops over the next fortnight too.





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