‘Llama United,’ by Scott Allen, illustrated by Sarah Horne.

Ever wondered what would happen if eleven llamas unknowingly swallowed the ashes of one of the greatest footballers in the world? Wonder no more…!


00811DF2-FFB7-404E-B61D-43BE05DFFEA7Llama United

Book one sees the ghost of international footballing legend, Arthur Muckluck, narrating the tale of how several previously normal llamas came to accidentally eat his scattered ashes. He introduces us to eleven-year-old Tim who’s living unhappily in the countryside in a village where the brains of the rest of the inhabitants appear to have become addled by swimming in the local pond.

After Tim spots a money-making opportunity for his dad involving some rescue Llamas, they come to reside in the familiy’s field.  Not long after they start acting very strangely….

275E4128-4A99-4F66-B0F0-2B6C3E6175EFLlamas Go Large

Following their first cup win, Llama United have just got better and better. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for the England squad. Their manager’s so desperate that he’s negotiated with the Llamas’ managers (Tim and Cairo) to loan some of their top talent in a bid to turn England’s fortunes around.

Unfortunately, the llamas don’t settle in as quickly as hoped and it seems that not everyone wants to support the team with an impossible dream.

A great series packed full of footballing funnies.  It’s not just one for football fans though, the quirky sense of humour and slight hint of sarcasm will be enjoyed by everyone!

Library Girl.


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