‘Dirty Bertie Mascot!’ By Alan MacDonald, illustrated by David Roberts.

Bertie’s back! Can you believe that this is Bertie’s 30th book? This one contains three mini stories, brilliant for newly independent readers aged 5+


The first of the three mini stories is football-themed to coincide with the World Cup.  Bertie is chosen to be match mascot for his local team, the Pudsley Rovers, and can’t believe his luck! Unfortunately he misinterprets his role and becomes a little more involved than was intended.

You’ll also find Bertie being sent off to summer camp by his parents but trying to get himself expelled when it turns out to be a little like school than he’d expected.

Finally, Bertie and his friends are selected to represent their school at the Junior Science Challenge.  He decides to design a robot which bears a remarkable likeness to their headmistress, Miss Boot.  Oops!

A brilliant series for hooking young readers onto the joys of illustrated chapter books, with plenty more terrific titles for them to enjoy.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Stripes Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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