‘Cycle City,’ by Alison Farrell.

“Tonight’s the Starlight Parade, but the invitations haven’t been sent out yet! Luckily, Mayor Snail is on the job. And maybe Etta can lend a hand?”


Etta the Elephant is very excited about the  Starlight Parade which is happening in Cycle City that evening. Her Aunt Ellen takes her around town getting everything they will need to enjoy the show – fairy lights and a hot pink boa.  On their journey they see bikes of all shapes and sizes and of every design imaginable! At the end of the day, the parade is even more magical than Etta ever imagined as she is asked to take on a very special role.

Book Boy and I spent a lot of time poring over the detail-rich illustrations and discussing which bikes we’d like to ride – we were spoilt for choice! There were penny farthings, amphibious bikes, a library book bike, all there, waiting to be spotted.

As well as enjoying just soaking up the party atmosphere, which leaps off the pages at you, there are also prompts on the pages to encourage the eagle-eyed amongst you to look even more closely for hidden details.

Hours of fun!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Chronicle Books for sending me this title to be review*



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