‘Get Me Out Of Witch School!,’ by Em Lynas, illustrated by Jamie Littler.

Having read, and loved, ‘You Can’t Make Me go to Witch School,’ I was very excited to see what was in store next for Twinkle Toadspit (aka Daisy Wart), Shakespearean actress and mega-witch.


Daisy has just discovered that she is a seven of seventh witch, meaning that she is super-powerful and has broken the curse of Toadspit Towers, inheriting the school and everything in it at the same time.  However she is still not in control of her powers and still wants to be a Shakespearean actress.

When Daisy hears a strange whispering coming from behind a wall she does, of course, feel she ought to investigate. Daisy and her friends discover a secret room which used to belong to none other than Marietta Toadspit (disgruntled daughter of Ursula Toadspit.) All’s going well until she spots a silver kitten-shaped charm buried within a crystal kitten and suddenly becomes determined to free it.

Following a struggle, the crystal kitten smashes unleashing a very mischievous kitten named Jacobus who reveals that the girls have accidentally opened the Snow Globe of Gellica, with potentially disastrous consequences for the school.

A fraught and hilarious sequel to ‘You Can’t Make Me Go To Witch School,’ full of even more magic and mischief than the first. A great read for anyone aged 7+ who loves The Worst Witch Series.

Library Girl.


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