Mini Hardbacks and Mega Minds

Today I’m highlighting a gorgeous mini hardback series from 360 degrees. Absolutely crammed full of facts and beautiful illustrations, these books are aimed at enhancing children’s knowledge on a range of essential topics.


042DBB7C-885A-47BC-B6BB-C85867BD24F0Transport and Travel by Sandra Lawrence, illustrated by Jem Maybank

Vehicles are a source of endless fascination in our household so this book was seized the second it arrived. Organised into four sections: Wheels, Rails, Air and Water, there’s something in here for everyone. From bullet trains to tuk-tuks, hot air balloons to bikes, be taken on a journey through the wonderful world of things that go. With plenty of illustrations and clear concise information, this would be great for anyone aged 7+

96B2452E-62CC-4856-8697-75A26817414AFoods of the World by Libby Walden, illustrated by Jocelyn Kao 

This title is a celebration of the wide and varied food-related customs and traditions from around the world. You’ll also learn about special celebration foods such as Chinese mooncakes or Slavic Springtime Pancakes. I enjoyed the ‘Playing with Food’ section where I read about the battaglia delle arance which is the largest food fight in Italy, and learned the true value of chocolate coins (they’re not just delicious!) Fascinating and clearly presented – just don’t read it when you’re feeling peckish!

7C1971AD-EFF4-44E8-8590-125A804846BCThings That Grow by Libby Walden, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

Children are always interested in how things grow.  I’m this book you’ll not only learn about plants and trees but also members of the animal kingdom and, indeed, the universe which scientists believe is continually expanding.  Discover how seeds are dispersed, how the South American paradoxical frog breaks all the rules and how islands are formed.  You’ll also find out what a puggle becomes when it grows up.

A brilliant series with just the right balance of bite-sized facts to intriguing illustrations to keep young fact-fiends engaged.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to 360 Degrees for sending me these titles to review*

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