‘The Wizard Of Oz,’ by L. Frank Baum, adapted by Meg McLaren and Sam Hay.

Last night’s bedtime story took us off down the yellow brick road to visit the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in this great adaption for little ones.


In this modern reimagining of a classic children’s tale, preschooler Little Dot is helping peg the washing out when a tornado blows in. Little Dot and her dog, Toto, make it back into the house, which is then swept up and away and lands with a thump in a strange and beautiful land.

As you could perhaps predict, Little Dot is visited by a Good Witch who warns her the ‘Even Worse Witch’ will soon be along to find out who squashed her sister.  As Little Dot doesn’t know the way Home, the Good Witch advises her to visit the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Dot does just that and meets some new friends along the way.  Will they manage to get to the Emerald City in safety, or will the Even Worse Witch pat them an unwelcome visit?

The younger Dorothy, simplified story and gorgeous illustrations make this the perfect introduction to the wonders of the Oz characters and settings beloved by so many. The themes of bravery, friendship and a sense of ‘home’ shine through just as brightly as the amazing holographic cover!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Egmont Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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