‘The Stig: Playing a Dangerous Game,’ by Jon Claydon & Tim Lawler, illustrated by Kanako & Yuzuru.

Book Boy is a huge fan of Top Gear, Formula One racing (and any other type of motor racing for that fact!) so he was especially excited when this new Stig-based adventure dropped through the letterbox, ready for its blog tour.

“Some say he is merely a phantom – a figment of our imaginations. And that he can only get to sleep if there’s building work next door. All we know is….He’s called The Stig.”


Strange things are happening in the little village of Bunsfold: a boy’s gone missing, the entire population seems to be hooked on a computer game called Xenon (created by the elusive billionaire who lives on the hill) , and a mysterious figure in a white jumpsuit and dark-visored helmet appears from nowhere in times of trouble.

Sam Wheeler is determined not to become one of the mindless zombies bumping down the school corridors with his face buried in a screen. Luckily, there are a couple of like-minded pupils in his school who have also managed to resist the lure of Xenon.  They must stick together if they are to survive the dangers which lay ahead, for trouble has a habit of showing up when they’re around.

Soon, the only thing standing between them and certain disaster is the silent man in a helmet known as The Stig.

Book Boy loved the car chases which showcased The Stig’s awesome driving skills and thought that the mind-control powers of Xenon were creepy and reminded him of the grip that some of the popular online games currently have on his friends.

There’s certainly enough action, danger and intrigue (and car-based puns) to keep young readers engaged for the duration of the book.  Car and gaming fans will race through the pages, rooting for the few children strong enough to resist super-villain PT Cruiser’s plans for world domination.

Make sure you take a look at the other stops on the tour:


Library Girl.

*Thank you to Piccadilly Press for sending me a copy to review and to Faye Rogers for organising the blog tour*


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