‘Peace and Me,’ by Ali Winter & Mickaël El Fathi.

This beautiful collection of illustrated biographies from Lantana Publishing is inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and endorsed by Amnesty International, and marks Lantana’s first foray into the world of non-fiction.


What does peace mean to you?

This illustrated collection of biographies focuses on some of the people who have had the most inspirational ideas about peace in recent centuries.  It celebrates the lives of 12 individuals including well-known prize winners such as Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai, but also lesser-known ones like Jane Addams and Shirin Abadi.


Each prizewinner receives their own double-page spread with a clearly written biography giving a brief outline of their life and details of the acts which lead them to win.  The spreads are gorgeously illustrated with vibrant colours and varied textures which sing from the pages.

In these troubled times, books like these are so important to help highlight people who have tried to do help others. It has demonstrates to children how every seemingly small action can add up to make something very special.

Another stunning publication from Lantana Publishing, raising awareness of the wide and varied ways in which people have succeed in bringing peace and love to a small area of our world. I hope this marks the start of further adventures into the realm of non-fiction for Lantana.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Lantana Publishing Ltd. for sending me this title to review*


Click on the picture above to purchase this beautiful book.

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