The Animal Kingdom

I have received a number of beautiful and informative non-fiction titles about the wonderful animal kingdom in recent weeks.  A subject of constant fascination amongst children and adults alike, they’ll be spoilt for choice with this gorgeous selection.

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51E62542-BB18-4DBF-AFC8-0A70DC368808‘Hello World Animals’ by Nicola Edwards, illustrated by L’Atelier Cartographik (360 Degrees)

This stunning hardback book with card pages takes its reader on a tour around the globe, discovering over 180 incredible creatures and their habitats.  Swim in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef, trek through the lush Amazon Rainforest, and visit the mighty Galapagos tortoises on the Ecuadorian Galápagos Islands.

Each continent has its own wildlife map, highlighting the indigenous species which make it so special. There is a bounty of flaps to lift and facts to absorb, explaining how animals have adapted to their environments and what impact humans have had.

I would definitely recommend this as a beautiful gift for enthusiasts of wildlife and maps aged seven and up.

969C71D8-A187-4846-8AC6-DCD7BF4A8F70Creature Features’ by Natasha Durley (Big Picture Press)

A vibrantly illustrated A4 board book absolutely crammed full of colourful creatures. Natasha has shied away from classifying these animals into their traditional families such as mammals and reptiles.  She has instead chosen to group some unlikely combinations of animals which share a particular feature. Be it enormous eyes or excellent armour, each animal has its moment in the limelight.

The colourful illustrations really appeal to me and I love the questions on the pages which are designed to promote discussion as you share the book.  It’s also fantastic to see such a range of fantastic creatures represented: pangolins, fossa, the common loon all stake their claim on the pages.

It really changes the way you look at the animal kingdom.  Great for ages 6 and up.

866FA021-5261-4D83-9659-A40A4031F532Survival’ by Louise McNaught and Anna Claybourne (Big Picture Press)

This eye-catching book has been published in association with Tusk (a wildlife charity) with the aim of highlighting the tenuous balance the survival of some species hangs in.  The eye-catching artwork of Louise McNaught has a pop art feel to it, making the 20 endangered species featured the celebrities of the animal kingdom.

All habitats are explored: the oceans, savannah, forests. Endangered species exist in all these places, no thanks to interference from the local human populations.

Pages are clearly laid-out with a map, quick fact section and a more detailed explanation of the dangers each creature faces.  A thought-provoking gift for those aged 8+.

4868A1D9-4994-45AF-AA1E-5A0DCF4F0348‘Where in the Wild’ by Jonny Lambert and Poppy Bishop (Little Tiger Press)

This picture book takes us on a tour of the world’s habitats and introduces us to some of the wonderful creatures who live in them.  Windswept mountains and grassy plains, icy tundras and busy oceans all feature within the beautifully illustrated pages.

The real focus for this text are the special places that animals call home and the importance of protecting these habitats to conserve the wonderful variety wildlife we’re lucky enough to enjoy.

The peep-through pages and rhyming text make this an interactive and visually stunning treat for budding conservationists aged 6+.

2BA8C34F-A967-4B3B-BD80-0ABDEA4D9778Peek and Seek’ illustrated by Charlotte Milner, written by Violet Peto (DK)

This gorgeous hardcover book is an absolute treasure trove of fascinating facts and gorgeous illustrations.  There are 150 objects hidden amongst the pages for young detectives to find and count as they are reading.

You can also learn some great collective nouns (I love a good collective noun!) and the large cardboard fold-out pages.  There are also plenty of cut-outs to enjoy and interesting facts, clearly presented in a bold font.

This book would be great for enthusiastic toddlers as there are plenty of ways to engage with this book AND the pages wipe clean!

B69476CD-13B3-45AD-86A5-204BE4BD0B4FThe Awesome Book Of Animals’ by Adam Frost (Bloomsbury)

Adam Frost’s award-winning series has come up with another winner as he ventures into the animal kingdom. Pages of fascinating facts presented in a highly accessible form.  Lots of infographics, tables and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Did you know that in 2009, it once rained frogs in Japan? Or that a honey badger can beat animals 18x it’s size and have been known to see off lions and steal their kills?!

Bold, bright and hilarious! Fab for readers aged 6+.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s something there for animal lovers of all ages.  Happy hunting!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Bloomsbury, DK Books, Little Tiger Press, Big Picture Press and 360 Degrees for sending me these titles to review*


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