Autumnal Reads to Snuggle Up With

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year; the weather is mild, the leaves are a whole rainbow of colours and the evenings are starting to get dark. It’s the perfect time of year for snuggly down under a blanket and sharing a book with someone you love.  I have five seasonal books which would be brilliant choices.


1E519BFA-E361-4E51-B7E0-BE42F695B699Storm,’ by Sam Usher (Templar Publishing)

Another gorgeous title in this beautiful series about the adventures of a little boy and his grandad. When the boy wakes up, a storm is blowing.  He’s desperate to go outside to swoop and fly, but Grandad declares it perfect weather for kite-flying so they ransack the house searching for his old kite.  The duo find plenty of reminders of adventures past before eventually unearthing the kite and heading out into the storm.


Just as beautiful and perfect as you would expect.  The autumnal colour palette is like a warm hug and the obvious affection between the boy and grandad a soft enveloping blanket. Other titles in the series include: Rain, Sun and Snow.

B750381F-84DB-4BC5-B1A2-4A25A53512AEWinnie-The-Pooh’s 50 things to do before you’re 5 3/4,’ written by Chloë Boyes, illustrations by E.H. Shepard (Egmont)

A.A. Milne’s beloved characters, Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear and their friends were always out and about having adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood.  This lovely book is full of some of their favourite activities aimed at getting little ones outside and exploring. There’s also plenty of space for doodles and drawings of their discoveries and photos.

Learn how to build dens, paint pebble pets and, of course, play poohsticks. This would make a lovely gift for young adventurers.

40D09206-8B30-4CD5-BB99-4BF113000015The Lucky, Lucky Leaf,’ by Chantal Bourgonje & David Hoskins (Hubble and Hattie)

Nim and Horace are off to catch themselves some leaves.  Apparently it’s good luck to catch a falling leaf.  Nim’s aiming to beat his record of five leaves.  However Horace isn’t so sure.  He thinks he may just be a superstition, but Nim is undeterred: “Better a superstition than a normalstition.”

The group head into the woods, do some warm-up exercises and get jumping. But catching leaves is hard! They just won’t keep still! Nim’s doing well but the his lick seems to run out.  A few gentle reminders from his friends soon reassured him that he’s lucky in lots of other ways.  A truly heart-warming story about friendship and counting your blessings with endearing humour and classic illustrations.  Get your copy here.

D897EB3C-8733-4107-BCCB-29691E556EF8A Year in Nature,’ by Hazel Maskell, illustrated by Eleanor Taylor (Laurence King Publishing)

A stunning carousel pop-up book of the seasons which opens up to reveal a host of woodland creatures and plants as we journey from Spring through to Winter.


Follow a family of fox cubs as they snuffle in the undergrowth for tasty morsels, snuggle in their den and frolic in the crisp Autumn leaves.  There are also little snippets of information about some of the other featured creatures to enjoy, as well as plenty of opportunities for spotting and counting.  A novel way to explore the UK’s woodlands.

184CE4A9-6580-41C5-8D32-DA84DCB17FB22019 Nature Month-by-Month: A Children’s Almanac,’ by Anna Wilson, illustrated by Elly Jahnz (Nosy Crow)

This inspirational month-by-month journey through the seasons has been published as part of Nosy Crow’s ongoing partnership with The National Trust.

Each section starts with a calendar listing significant events which occur during that month.  The pages which follow are then crammed with seasonal activities, facts and recipes.  Learn to read the stars, spot indigenous species, make moth-catchers and cast animal prints (amongst many more activities!)  There’s also a space for notes and observations for keen spotters to record their observations in. All this is paired with plenty of beautiful illustrations, making it a great gift and something to treasure.

I’m sure that one of these brilliant titles will have inspired you to get reading (or get outside!)

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to all the wonderful publishers involved for sending me these brilliant titles to review*



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