‘Absolutely Everything!’ by Christopher Lloyd, cover illustration by Justin Poulter.

Introducing ‘Absolutely Everything! A History Of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things too Numerous to Mention,’ a book of true wonderment which has been long-listed for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2019, in the ‘Best Book With Facts’ category along with some other stunning titles.


Devised after a camping trip where Lloyd released that, as a history graduate, there were many things about the world he still didn’t know, and after failing to find a book in any bookshop which ‘connected the dots’, ‘Absolutely Everything!’ is a fascinating springboard to a lifelong love of learning.

Taking us from the beginnings of time to the present day, the categories really are too numerous to mention, but highlights for Book Boy (who loves a big chunky information book and a pack of sticky tabs to mark the most interesting pages) were the chapters on: Dinosaurs (classic), Medieval Misery (wars and deadly diseases ) and Revolutions All Around (Copernicus to electricity).

Each chapter starts with a timeline which handily puts the achievements of humanity into context, and sets the reader up for the flow of information’s that to come.  Although readers are given a lot of information, the pages features plenty of illustrations, diagrams and photographs to bring the subject matter to life.

For example, this page is about Vikings:


Engaging, engrossing and incredible! A book to pore over and get lost in – for adults and children!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to What On Earth Books for sending me this title to review*





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