‘Super Frozen Magic Forest,’ by Matty Long.

A brand new wintry instalment in the sublimely fantastical Magic Forest series.


Winter has fallen in the Magic Forest and its inhabitants are not happy – all the snow is ruining their prize-winning gardens.  It is decided (following advice from Gnomedalf) that a team of five brave heroes (consisting of a unicorn, a fairy, a gnome, a gain and a mushroom) should head to the cold north to confront the Snow Queen and demand she removes her magical snow clouds.  Unsurprisingly, when they got there, there was no warm welcome!


Packed full of visual gags, pun-filled speech bubbles and a hilarious plot-line, this story is madcap mayhem at its very best. Adults and children alike will giggle wildly as they head off on a quest with our team of bold adventurers.

Highly recommend for readers off any age, so long as they have a sense of humour!

Library Girl.

* Many thanks to Oxford University Press for sending me this title to review*




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