‘How to Hide a Lion at Christmas,’ by Helen Stephens.

Helen Stephens’ books are always beautifully illustrated and I absolutely love the ‘How to Hide a Lion’ series so a Christmas edition was very much welcomed in our household.


It’s Christmas and Iris and her family are heading off to see Auntie Sarah. The only problem is that they are going by train, and everybody knows that lions aren’t allowed on trains! Seeing how upset Iris is, Lion decides to stowaway and join them for a snowy Christmas adventure.


A magical Christmas story which highlights some of the perils of being a lion in a village full of people, but also the benefits of being very good at hiding! Funny, touching and very festive. A beautiful addition to any Christmas book collection.

Library Girl

*Many thanks to Scholastic for sending me this title to review*

One thought on “‘How to Hide a Lion at Christmas,’ by Helen Stephens.

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    The whole idea of humans and other creatures mixing, reacting together in a story, rather than as subordinates, is one close to my heart as a writer. I would clearly not advise anybody to go hugging a lion– I feel it also engenders positive attitudes… Plus the artwork is so very endearing. I think there will be a lot of happy young readers of this story.


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