‘Little Bird Flies,’ by Karen McCombie, cover by Jasu Hu.

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things. Especially when they contain books as wonderful as Little Bird Flies!  That’s why I’m so delighted to be part of its blog tour, with not only a review, but also an exclusive interview recorded with Karen especially for my podcast (find the links below.)


Repro_LittleBirdFlies_cvr.inddLittle Bird Flies is the first instalment of a two-part tale about the free-spirited Bridie who longs to discover what the world is like away from the remote Scottish island of Tornish.

Set in 1861, at the time of the brutal Highland clearances, Bridie lives a simple but hard-working life as the youngest of three sisters. She loves her family fiercely but harbours a secret desire to travel across the Atlantic Ocean which surrounds her, to America.

When a new Laird comes to the island, it soon becomes clear that he will not be as respectful of the island elders as the Old Laird.  In fact, things are about to take a deadly turn for the worse – Bridie and her family are soon forced to flee!

A gripping read which perfectly captures the harshness and beauty of life on such a remote and rugged place. Meticulously researched, you will imagine you’re there with Bridie at the top of the Glas Crags, gazing out over the ocean, longing for something more.

‘Little Bird Flies’ sheds light on a period of Scottish history which I knew very little about before reading this book. A fascinating study on the very different lives of the rich and the poor of the time, and of the attitudes they held.

To find out more of my thoughts, and more importantly, Karen’, listen to our interview  HERE (on Apple) or HERE (on Spotify) -it’s also available on most other listening platforms. And be sure to look at the other stops on the blog tour too.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Rebecca at Nosy Crow for arranging this blog tour and interview, and to Karen for giving up her time to record the podcast interview*






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