‘Loved to Bits,’ by Teresa Healy, illustrated by Katie Cleminson.

“My Ted’s special. Stripy Ted. He’s not allowed to leave my bed.”


The boy and his bear go everywhere together. They’ve crossed oceans and deserts, slain monsters and climbed mountains. But the duo’s adventurous lifestyle has taken its toll on Bear. Where once he sported luxurious golden stripes, now he’s threadbare and worn. He’s lost an eye and limbs on their adventures but Bear doesn’t mind and the boy wouldn’t change him for all the world.

A beautiful story which perfectly captures the relationship between a child and their favourite toy. I think we all have that one special teddy that’s patched and repaired but we’d never be without, or know a child who has a teddy which has to be snuck from their rooms to be washed.  This story is an ode to that very special companion and first love.


Katie Cleminson’s gorgeous soft illustrations perfectly match Heapy’s heartfelt rhyming prose. Her dreamy  palette and lightness of touch encapsulate that hazy feel which childhood adventures seem to have when you look back at them.

The perfect, comforting bedtime read which will resonate in homes across the country.

Library Girl and Medicine Bunny (a once pink, one-eared, leaking stuffing Bunny forever in my heart!)

*Many thanks to David Fickling Books for sending me this title to review*





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