‘A Witch Alone,’ by James Nicol, cover illustration by Daniela Terrazzini – The Blog Tour!

Today is my stop on the blog tour for the awesome ‘A Witch Alone’ – the final (at present) instalment in the magical ‘The Apprentice Witch’ series. In addition to this review, you can also listen to me interviewing James about the series HERE on the Library Girl and Book Boy podcast. If you’ve ever wondered where the inspiration for the glyphs came from, listen to find out!


The story starts with Arianwyn being reunited with her father, who has just returned home after fighting in the war, Christmas is coming and she’s finally getting to grips with the hidden magic of the quiet glyphs. Everything should be looking rosy for Lull’s resident witch, right? Wrong!

As if being a witch wasn’t tricky enough, Arianwyn has the seemingly endless rain of winter to contend with, alongside a whole host of confusing Yuletide traditions to grapple with. But now, a powerful dark magic has cast a shadow over Lull and it’s inhabitants. Enemies are coming and someone very dear is about to be spirited away. Arianwyn is about to fave her toughest challenges yet…

I have been a massive fan of this series since reading the first book. I totally fell in love with the magical, retro charm of James’ writing and the world he conjured up. Arianwyn’s spellorium has to be up there with one of my favourite magical settings ever and I am desperate for a copy of ‘The Apprentice Witch’s Handbook’ to call my own.

Imagine my delight at all the things I love best about these books: magic, bravery and friendship, being combined with the sparkling magic of Yuletide in Lull – cracking log fires, frost fairs and the summoning of the bewitching frost phoenix. But there’s also a dark edge to this story, with Arianwyn facing an enemy much more powerful than any she’s ever known.

For more insights and sneaky tidbits, make sure you listen to James and I chatting on the podcast AND visit the other stops on the blog tour.

Library Girl.

*Mang thanks to the lovely folks at Chicken House Books for sending books me a review copy and inviting me to be part of the blog tour*


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