‘I Really Want to Win’ By Simon Philip, illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti.

I thought that, in the run up to sports days across the land, now might be a good time to share this brilliant title. It only reminds me a very little bit of myself!


From the team who also brought you ‘I Really Want the Cake!’ (a favourite in our household), our heroine is back again and this time she’s determined to ace sports day.

When she doesn’t win the tug of war or the running race, our heroine decides that maybe sports aren’t really her thing.  Maybe she’d do better in a painting competition or perhaps dance? When the same girl beats her time after time, she wonders if she’ll ever get a turn to win at anything! But maybe winning isn’t everything…

As I’ve said, we loved this dazzling duo’s first collaboration and weren’t disappointed by their latest. Full of bouncy rhyming text and brilliantly funny illustrations, I can see this series going on and on.  I loved the clever superhero references which the eagle-eyed will spot but, most important of all is the message that you cannot win at everything and that’s just fine!

Library Girl.

*Thanks you to Templar Publishing for sending me this title to review*



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