‘The Language of the Universe,’ by Colin Stuart, illustrated by Ximo Abadía.

In my experience, engaging and digestible books about mathematics aren’t far and few between. Enter ‘The Language of the Universe: A Visual Exploration of Mathematics.’


This large-scale hardback tome is packed with information about how maths permeates everything in our universe. From atoms to Fibonacci, planets to cryptology. Maths underpins every one!

Organised into four sections, every concept and idea is clearly explained in a short paragraph or diagram designed to clearly illustrate the point in hand. The vibrantly-illustrated pages make the book inviting and intriguing, helping to lesson the potential fear of encountering some pretty big ideas.


Whether you’re a budding Einstein or more of an interested bystander, this book will make you think about mathematics in a whole new way and marvel at the wonders of our universe. 8+

8E5A7ADB-F279-4581-9C76-3FC52D38A998I also want to highlight the first title created by the same duo: ‘The Speed of Starlight.’ Presented in the same distinctive and bite-sized format, this book explores physics, sound, light and space.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Big Picture Press for sending me these titles to review*




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