‘The Land of Roar,’ by Jenny McLachlan, illustrated by Ben Mantle.

This is a book for anyone who used to while away the hours as a childhood immersed in an imaginary world or playing made up games with rules nobody outside your circle of friends would understand. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny about these very things for my Library Girl and Book Boy podcast, which you can listen to HERE.


The Land of Roar is the story of twins, Arthur and Rose. They’re spending the summer with their grandad who has big plans to clear out the attic and turn it into a den for the pair of them. On the proviso that they’re the ones who clear it out!

Arthur is convinced that he saw a shadowy figure at the window and an hear strange whispers, but it’s not until he finds a hand drawn map tucked away in a tin that he remembers the Land of Roar. A magical kingdom created by he and his sister, where they ruled supreme and played for hours with its inhabitants. They would get there by crawling through a folding bed in the attic and join dragons, mermaids and wizard ninjas in the fight against Crowky, a terrifying scarecrow/ crow hybrid who turns his prisoners into scarecrows by squeezing them.

Now the twins are eleven, they don’t play in The Land of Roar. Not until Grandad goes missing when crawling through the Z-bed. Surely he’s joking? But when he doesn’t come back, Arthur knows just what he has to do. Rose is going to take some more convincing.

An exhilarating adventure about growing up, friendship and the power of the imagination. A fantastic read for anyone aged 9+ and currently Waterstones’ book of the month.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont for sending me this title to review*

2 thoughts on “‘The Land of Roar,’ by Jenny McLachlan, illustrated by Ben Mantle.

  1. Erin says:

    This sounds a really nice plot, and really does take me back a few years. Interesting hearing from the author, too. One for my next Waterstones trip I think!


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