‘It’s a No Money Day,’ by Kate Milner.

At a time when the usage of food-banks is on the increase and more and more children are living below the poverty line, We needs books to use as tools to gently explore and explain the reasons behind these things to children. Fortunately, award-winning author/ illustrator Kate Milner has produced a thoughtful picture book which allows us to do just that.


Mum works incredibly hard but there never seems to be enough money to go around, and today there’s no food left in the cupboard. This means a trip to the food-bank, which mum hates doing because she feels ashamed about having to rely on others. Her daughter, however, can see plenty of good in their day – drawing and colouring, trying on clothes in the charity shop, playing the ‘maybe one day’ game with mum. She knows that however bad things might sometimes look, they will always have each other.


This is a simply written book with a powerful message, giving readers insight into the need for food-banks and just who might need to use them. Sensitively written, ‘It’s a No Money Day’ provides the opportunity to open up discussions with pupils and help develop empathy with others. It would also be an excellent way to open up conversations with children or families who have had to use food-banks and explore their feelings around this.

A highly topical and sadly necessary book about one of today’s quickest-growing  issues. Every educational setting should have a copy of this in their libraries or out into their teachers’ hands.

Library Girl.

*Huge thanks to Barrington Stoke for sending me this proof copy to review*



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