‘Little Bird Lands,’ by Karen McCombie, cover by Jasu Hu.

My first read of the new year was ‘Little Bird Lands,’ which is the sequel to last year’s ‘Little Bird Flies.’ A story which followed Bridie and her family as they scratched out a living on the remote Scottish Island of Tornish before the arrival of a new lord caused terrible trouble and disruption. You can listen to me talk to Karen about this book on my podcast by clicking the link HERE.


Little Bird, her father, and her brother have made their journey across the Atlantic and are living far from their Scottish home. When the family get caught up in a terrorist attack caused by unrest due to the Civil War, Bridie and her family flee once again. This time to a copper-mining settlement in Michigan.

It seems as though the family may be able to settle in this remote, snowy location. With Bridie being enlisted as teacher for the town’s schoolroom. But when a ghost from the past appears and threatens to spill the family’s secrets, Little Bird’s family might just need to move again.

I enjoyed this title just as much as it’s predecessor. With spirited, determined Bridie and her family at the very heart of the story-telling, you can’t help but root for them as they head into seemingly impossible circumstances with grit and compassion.

McCrombie, as always, has researched the conditions and attitudes of the era impeccably. Touching upon the civil war and slavery, to the often terrible treatment of the Native Americans who were displaced from their homelands to make way for pioneers and home-steaders. There’s plenty to give pause for thought and prompt discussion, but all handled sensitively.

Although things may seem bleak at times, Little Bird’s story is ultimately uplifting and hopeful. I’d recommend this for readers aged 9+.

Library Girl

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me this title to review*


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