‘Claire: Justice Ninja,’ by Joe Brady and Kate Ashwin.


I have to confess that I was sent this title a little while ago and planned to review it straight away. However. Book Boy may have appropriated it and taken it upstairs so that justice could be served in his bedroom! I managed to negotiate a hostage exchange (for the new ‘Gorebrah’ graphic novel) so I can FINALLY get my review written! Or ‘Operation Book Switch’ as Claire might say.


Claire is on a mission to sort out her neighbourhood. Gum-spitters, rubbish gift-givers and school bullies, beware; the Justice Ninja is onto you!

Claire is the type of crime fighter I can get behind. When a ham sandwich is found, well, sandwiched between the pages of a library book, our Justice Ninja was heard to say: “Books are our friends. Our friends must be defended.” Anybody prepared to fight the good fight in the battle to prevent the desecration of school library books gets my vote!


Hilarious, real and dealing with just the kind of injustices which would outrage a primary school-aged child. Claire is the BAME graphic novel heroine our bookcases have been waiting for.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, ‘Justice Ninja’ had been held hostage in my son’s bedroom for quite some time, so has equal appeal for boys as girls – boys WILL read books with main female protagonists!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to David Fickling Books for sending me this title to review*




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