Blog Tour: ‘Extraordinary!’ by Penny Harrison, illustrated by Katie Wilson.

With the concept of mindfulness firmly planted in the nation’s consciousness, we are encouraged to find and celebrate the ‘everyday’ extraordinary. This beautiful picture book encourages readers to stop and look around them, to live in the moment, and to cherish their loved ones.


Although the big, the loud and the colourful can be pretty impressive, sometimes is the quiet and ordinary moments which feel the most magical.  Whether it’s reading a book curled up by the fire or gazing at the stars, there’s a special magic to be discovered in everything.

The illustrations which fill the pages seem to have a tangible golden glow and feeling of warmth about them which wraps you in a reassuring hug as you read. I can imagine this book lulling many little ones to sleep, dreaming about the special times they’ve had with friends and family members.


This book made me pause and think about some of the magical ‘ordinary’ moments I’ve enjoyed recently. These are my top three:

1. The grin on my youngest son’s face when he scooted through the most enormous puddle and got soaked up to his waist!

2. My eldest son sneaking downstairs after bedtime for an extra cuddle.

3. Going for a walk against an icy wind but feeling a glimpse of sun warm my face.

What would one of your most magical ordinary moments be?

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to New Frontier Publishing for inviting me to be part of this blog tour. Be sure to visit some of the other stops too*




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