Blog tour: ‘The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley,’ by Amber Lee Dodd,

Ooh readers, you are in for a treat. I read this brilliant curse-filled tale over the course of the day and thoroughly loved it!


When Noah Bradley and his family arrive at their newest house in the middle of the night, he can’t help but wonder how long he will be able to call it home. Long enough to decorate his bedroom? Long enough to make friends at school? Or just long enough to make their escape from the black birds of the north when the time comes?

You see, the curse has forced his family to flee one home for another, thirteen times. Flood, typhoon, flocks of birds – the curse always catches up with the Bradley family. But Noah is fed-up of being constantly on the run. He likes their new home and wants his little brother to make some actual friends who aren’t ferrets. This time, he’s determined that his family’s staying put…

Another stunning read from Amber Lee Dodd. I loved the balance of the contemporary setting against the ancient curse of family legend and was wowed by the mystery-laden prologue – it really set the scene for the rest of the story so brilliantly.

Lee Dodd has cleverly explored the very complex dynamics of any and every family, compounded in this case by the possession of a powerful magical object and their inability to put down roots. She carefully explored how this impacted on the emotional well-being of each family member and how they coped with that.

There were also plenty of moments to giggle at, gasp at, and cheer at. Not a word was wasted! Recommended for readers aged 9+

Amber has prepared several pieces about a historical or fictional curse for each blog in her blog tour. For my blog, she has written about The Bermuda Triangle…..

The Bermuda Triangle

There are lots of places I would love to visit in the world. But there is one, I would very much like to avoid, the Bermuda Triangle. This mysterious place in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean is said to be cursed because over the years nearly 100 ships, airplanes and even people have gone missing in the region.

Among the famous disappearances are the USS Cyclops the biggest ship in the US Navy that vanished without so much as an SOS and Flight 19 a bomber crew that disappeared on a training exercise. When a search and rescue aircraft was sent out to find them, they never returned! No trace of any of the crews has ever been found. Some people have wondered if this is down to a strange weather phenomenon, others have put it down to supernatural forces. But most agree it’s just bad luck and human error. So, don’t worry too much, plenty of ships and airplanes have passed safely through this mysterious place.

Hmmm, I’m not sure how reassuring I find that! I definitely won’t be adding The Bermuda Triangle to my list of top holiday destinations! But you should definitely add ‘The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley’ to your reading list.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Scholastic for allowing me to be part of this blog tour. Make sure you visit the other stops too*


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