#TuesdayReviewsDay ‘We Are Together,’ by Britta Teckentrup.

It seems apt that Book Boy Jr. chose to share this book with me in a time of social distancing when it’s very hard for people to physically be ‘together’ with their family and friends. This beautifully-illustrated story explores some of the other ways people can come together in these strange times.


’We Are Together’ celebrates the powerful combination of love and friendship, and their ability to be a positive force for good. This page in particular resonated with me in our present state of ‘lockdown.’

“When life is confusing

and our way seems unclear,

The horizon is distant

but our friends will stay near.”


Book Boy Jr said: “It’s a bit weird not being able to go to the park when I want to but I know why. I liked that this book was about people sticking together.”

A powerful and uplifting message to share in times when it can be easy to lose touch or lose hope.

Library Girl and Book Boy Jr.


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