#TuesdayReviewsDay Robert Muchamore’s ‘Robin Hood,’ cover by Alessandro Taini.

This week, Book Boy got to pick our Tuesday title and he selected this updated take on the classic story of Robin Hood.


After his coder father is falsely imprisoned following a disagreement with local gangster, Guy Gisborne, twelve-year-old Robin escapes into the sprawling and dangerous Sherwood Forest. Full of snakes and bandits, no one expects him to last longer than a week.

Fortunately, he has some hacking skills learnt from his dad and some pretty impressive archery tricks learnt from watching vloggers on YouTube. And luckily for him, he runs into Marion Maid, who patches him up and introduces him to the Forest People.

Perhaps they hold the key to getting justice for his dad….

Book Boy says:  “It was a spectacularly well done and I loved the part when he shot Gisbourne in the men’s parts! Packed full of action and stunts so you won’t get bored. There were a few swears in this book, just to warn people. But nothing bad and I know not to repeat them.”

So there you go – highly recommended by Book Boy, who was most disappointed that the next one won’t be out until early next year. 11+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Hot Key Books for sending us this title to review*


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