#TuesdayReviewsDay ‘In Every House, on Every Street,’ by Jess Hitchman, illustrated by Lili La Baleine.

During lockdown, our houses have become our castles. Places to hunker down, shelter in safety and be with our families. ‘In Every House, on Every Street’ is the perfect picture book to share and explore the the many variations in homes and families.


The bouncy rhyming text takes readers on a tour through the rooms of a house, written almost like a series of clues to help the readers guess the room. Paired with Lili La Baleine’s beautiful pastel colour palette and warm illustrations with a hint of humour, this is a fun but calming read.

The story focuses on the many different physical uses of the rooms and exploring family dynamics, as simple tasks are completed together and the rhythm of daily routines is kept to.  This could be very reassuring and soothing for those who are struggling with the changes to routine we are all living with at the moment.


As someone who enjoys peeping through other people’s windows when I’m on the top level of a bus, or when the lights start coming on in the evening, one of my favourite spreads was the double fold-out page at the end which let me peek inside all the houses in the street. Households of all shapes and sizes are represented doing the everyday things which make our homes so special and fill them with love.

#BookBoyJr and I had a go at writing a room riddle of our own describing one of the rooms in our house. Can you guess which one it was?

In this room, we relax,
but we never just relax.

We draw lots of pictures and build Hot Wheels tracks,

We build dens under tables and do jumping jacks,

We play lots of games then put everything back.

Have you guessed it? Let me know in the comments.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending me this title to review*

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